Search Engine Optimization

What is seo?

SEO – Is short for (Search engine optimization) which means optimization of a website on the internet and search engines. SEO is website adjustment and tweaking, with the goal of ranking better on search engines. Usualy the main goal is to appear in the top 10 websites list by chosen keyword on a search engine.

How will seo help my website?

If you have a company on the web, let’s say you have a business giving loans, selling property, offering transport services and so on… You will want to appear at the top of the list, and receive potential buyers browsing your website

More than 80% of users are using search engines to find companies and businesses on the internet (search engines like or

On average about 70% of users that are searching for a particular product are potencial buyers.

And on average when people are searching for something on search engines they check out the first 3 pages (30 results). And more often they will only look at the first page (first 10 results) this is why search engine optimization is so important.

Main reasons to optimize your website on the internet

The main reason why you should optimize your website is; you will not only get more visitors on your website, but will market it on the web. Search engine optimization is a effective way to advertise your website. You will get more clients, how many will depend on your chosen seo expert. Although search engine optimization is a long process it is proven to work in boosting visits to a website. Your website will receive visitors that are interested in the particular product or service you will be providing.

How do we optimize your site?

In short this is what we do to optimize your site on search engines:

  • Competitor Research
  • Keyword research and analysis
  • Website optimization
  • Website content optimization
  • Registration on search engines and directories
  • Link building